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【楽天市場】AltRider アルトライダー ガード・スライダー Clear Headlight Guard Kit F 700 GS:ウェビック 楽天市場店 - 7e73e

AltRider アルトライダー ガード・スライダー Clear Headlight Guard Kit F 700 GS■商品番号

F 700 GS

The AltRider Lexan Headlight Guard for the F700GS provides complete protection for your headlight while still allowing quick removal for cleaning. Shielding the vulnerable headlight guard is a bullet-proof and scratch resistant Lexan face, which is held firmly by stainless steel arms that are attached to the bike using OEM hardware.
What sets this headlight guard apart from others, however, is the Dzus fasteners. With a quarter turn, the fasteners release the face from the arms - no tools needed. We built in nylon retaining washers on the Dzus fasteners so you’ll never lose them. Other headlight guards must be completely uninstalled to clean off the road grime, but with ours the Lexan and the headlight itself can be easily cleaned during gas station stops.
The best method is to soak in warm water to clean. Cleaning chemicals will degrade Polycarbonate (Lexan is the brand name). Polycarbonate is the same material used for helmet lenses and as Bruce Porter (industry expert) from Aria says ”Never spray any aerosol on you lenses”.
Because there’s no bezel between the headlight and windshield, installing any headlight guard will cause glare. This is especially dangerous at night, when that reflected light could blind you. That’s why we include the AltRider Glare Guard with our headlight guard - it will protect your eyes and complement the lines of your BMW.
This guard is also available with a stainless steel face.
Save yourself hassle and frustration - and the purchase of a headlight assembly - by using the AltRider Lexan Headlight Guard.

※Note: Polycarbonate will react to certain chemicals and requires specific care to clean correctly and keep looking good for the long haul. Cleaning improperly can result in scratches, hazing, surface crazing and cracking. See our blog post on proper cleaning of our polycarbonate headlight guards.

フレーム F 700 GS AltRider アルトライダー F712-5-1105
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